I do clinical research with patients with schizophrenia. There's a lot out there about mental health, but schizophrenia, bipolar and SMI get less press. Here are my picks to learn more!
  1. Not a podcast but first watch this: http://bit.ly/1DUrRFt
    Anderson Cooper did a segment using a schizophrenia simulator, to give people a sense of what it's like to preform tasks while hearing voices.
  2. TED Radio Hour: "The Unquiet Mind"
    Featuring Elyn Saks, Law Professor at USC who had her first psychotic break while at Yale Law School.
  3. The Moth: "No Matter What"
    A husband's account of his wife's psychosis.
  4. Invisibilia: "The Secret History of Thoughts"
  5. Death Sex and Money: "In Sickness and Mental Health"
    A woman diagnosed as Bipolar with psychotic features soon after her wedding
  6. This American Life "The Job that Takes Over Your Life" (Act 1)
    A man takes a job interviewing patients with schizophrenia, and in turn learns about himself.
  7. Radiolab: "Voices in Your Head"
  8. Stuff You Should Know: "How Schizophrenia Works"
    Though not my favorite podcast, they do an excellent job of providing an intro to the symptoms and presentations of schizophrenia
  9. This American Life Ep. 52 "Edge of Sanity." Act 2 still haunts me, 18 years after first hearing it.
    Suggested by @tambone