I woke up to no power this morning. Karma? Weather? Plagues? Here are my theories.
  1. Karma because I did not clean for passover.
    This actually works out really well because now I can just throw everything out without feeling guilty. Screw you karma I WON!
  2. Mayor realized we got 7 feet of snow this winter and never lost power, so he turned it off so we could all use our emergency water and trail mix.
    Kind of makes me feel like I am super prepared for any situation. Thanks guys!
  3. There was a thunderstorm.
    But I would have woken up right? I'm so confused.
  4. Jews of Somerville attempt mischief on the night before the Seder but don't want to waste eggs or toilet paper.
    a joke about darkness being one of the 10 plagues/a conspiracy theory
  5. Someone nice wanted to give me an excuse to not go to the gym this morning without feeling bad about it.
    Power outage has no bearing on my ability to get there, but saying "we lost power" is like a magical excuse that can work for anything I want it to.