Or: Seder Quotes from my Grandma, and Steve vs Christa
  1. Catholic cousin in law Christa corrects Jewish friend Steve's pronunciation of "Hashem"
    she was right
  2. "Sophie! You know Sophie Glichlich! Shifra's machatanester!"
    A lot to unpack here
  3. Steve: Slavery? I'll tell you modern Slavery: You millennials are indentured servants to Facebook
    Christa FLIPPED OUT and they fought for the remaining 3 hours
  4. After describing Facebook to grandma: "i see so the Facebook is very good for lonely people, because it is cheaper than a psychiatrist"
    she NAILED it even though all I said was "it's a website where you can talk to people and look at their pictures"
  5. "And then from Siberia we went to Uzbekistan. Those Uzbeks are gorgeous people, they don't look Asian at all"
    Grandma's editorials on her own life story