1. Should I contact an friend I've lost touch with?
  2. Before my boyfriend, we used to hang out all the time and be really close. When things started getting more serious between Colin and I, the further we fell apart. She always seemed passive aggressively mad at me.
  3. I thought I was trying really hard to stay close because I valued her friendship and I'm not good at keeping female friends. I haven't really had any close female friend since.
  4. She made me feel guilty all the time or maybe I was delusional and just felt guilty anyways.
  5. It's been over a year since we talked. She also stopped talking to a mutual friend and I don't know if it was because of me.
  6. I feel like a jerk and I miss her.
  7. I also had a dream last night where we reunited and she was really mad. It hurt so much.
  8. She seems to be doing really well and I don't want to text her and derail her life like a jerk ex friend.
  9. Once again, I'm not good at keeping female friends. I really want to be better because there's something wonderful about having an Ann Perkins.
  10. Someone who you can tell things you can't tell your boyfriend. Someone who can tell you things they can't tell anyone else.
  11. Gosh making this list makes me miss her.
  12. If I do text her, what's appropriate to say after all this time?