I feel like a baby.
  1. I am 23 years old and up until recently I still slept with a blanket.
  2. I travel every weekend for my job and sometimes it gets lonely.
  3. I made the mistake of bringing my blanket with me to feel a bit more at home.
  4. It's white and I must've just not seen it packing.
    We leave very early in the mornings. It's not an excuse but I know I was tired.
  5. I left it there and they haven't found it yet.
  6. I feel so careless that I could've lost something that means so much to me.
  7. I miss it a lot actually and it used to help me sleep.
  8. And the worst part is I could buy a new one on eBay for $200!!!
    That's highway robbery!
  9. This really sucks. I managed to keep it for 23 years and now it's lost forever.