1. I am no longer "21", is it still okay to shop at Forever 21?
  2. Why do republicans say they're going to vote for Donald Trump but publicly condemn his views?
    Democratic or republican why would you vote for the nominee just to vote within your party if you don't believe in their views?
  3. How can you go to therapy on a budget but still get good treatment?
  4. Why do people always rag on Iowa?
    When I went to school in Mn and people found out I was from Iowa, they would respond "I am sorry! My bf was on a plane and they had to stop in Davenport for gas. Someone next to him started talking bad about the city (I assume he's never been there) and little did he know that's my bf's hometown and he gave the guy an earful. Iowa is beautiful, has nice people, and actually has stuff to do, despite popular belief. Was there some anti-Iowa propaganda I am unaware of?
  5. Why does Buzzfeed, Facebook, ect steal their news and funny photos from Reddit?
    Maybe Reddit isn't as mainstream as I think. I always see things on Reddit and a few days after it will be on Buzzfeed or in Facebook's "news" section.