Inspired by @mbmurray23 because I too very much miss my special someone. Things are about to get personal and a little sappy y'all.
  1. Colin is always game to get dressed up. Dressy or costume.
    We were at a "camp" themed party. He was Gene from Wet Hot American Summer.
  2. He teaches me so much. First person shooter games, how to change my oil, what an F stop is. I am constantly learning. It's one of my favorite things about him is how passionate he is to share the things he knows so much about.
  3. I originally walked up to him at the bar because he was one of the most beautiful people I've ever seen. Still remains true.
    Now I just know he's beautiful inside and out.
  4. Recently, I've been super lost professionally. I haven't been the easiest person to be with but he hasn't stopped supporting me.
    Bear's face represents my emotions towards career searching.
  5. He's alway game for an adventure with me.
    One time we rented a teepee off AirBnB. Not our best idea.
  6. He went from disliking cats to owning/loving our fur baby.
  7. Nonetheless, he's a winner and I just want to be home.