Soon and someday are no longer welcome in my everyday vocab.
  1. "I will visit Europe someday."
  2. "I am going to back to school someday."
  3. "Someday I will start my amazing side project and be thriving creatively."
  4. "Someday I will try therapy."
  5. "Soon I am going to start exercising and eating better."
  6. "I'm going to get organized soon."
  7. "I started my savings plan for Europe today."
  8. "I'm taking my first online class today!"
  9. "Today I made progress on my project."
  10. "It was really hard but I went to my first therapy session today and I feel better talking to someone."
  11. "I went for a run today."
  12. "I was so productive today. Thank god I organized my office!"