Bottom line, I was a scared kid (adult).
  1. The Mummy
    This movie terrified me. The guy being eaten by bugs, I mean come on! I got it in my head the mummy was at the bottom of my bed at night.
  2. The pool monster from Are You Afraid of the Dark?
    Holy shit. This freaks me out as adult. I can't believe that was a kid show!
  3. Aliens
    I think I watched too much X-Files with my dad. We used to live next to a highway and I would the cars passing were ufos. It wasn't till I started watching Doctor Who that I stopped feeling like aliens just wanted to dissect me.
  4. Bloody Mary
    I still don't like being in a completely dark bathroom.
  5. My basement in the dark
    There definitely something down there.
  6. That stupid car commercial with the ghoul at the end.
    I almost peed my pants.