I love living downtown but every rose has it's thorn.
    And almost all stands open till 24 hours. 🙌🏻
  2. Up- The Theater at the Ace
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    It is one of the most unique and beautiful theaters I've ever been to. I highly suggest trying to see a show there. I also like to believe there's a handsome hipster phantom lurking in the theater.
  3. Down- Parking
    I pay for a monthly spot and have a "deal" with my apt building, it's not worth what I'm paying for sure. Currently, elevators are broken and that leaves the doors to the stairs open aka a bathroom for homeless people. Not awesome.
  4. Up- I love my building. I love my friends buildings.
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    I love that our overpriced apartments have some history to them.
  5. Down- All most everything's overpriced.
    Coffee, parking, lofts.
  6. Up- So many dogs!
    And so many friendly owners! I love petting strangers pups and making new friends!
  7. Down- So much dog poop on the sidewalks!
    I love puppies but puppy owners pick up your dogs poo! 💩