Sometimes in life we find ourselves at times of unemployment. They can be hard and depressing times. Here are some ways I've found help me get out of the funk.
  1. Get dressed everyday.
    Seems stupid but actually getting out of sweatpants makes me feel like I can take on more.
  2. Apply to jobs everyday.
    An obvious choice because I am unemployed.
  3. Clean your space.
    I get distracted very easily so if my space is clean, it's easier for me to be on task.
  4. Exercise
    And drink water!
  5. Light candles!
    I love candles! They create a really peaceful atmosphere. Recently, I've had to put all my candles way up high because I've learned my cat is a pyro.
  6. Look at my bank account.
    Woah. I should I apply to more jobs!
  7. Have a creative outlet!
    Making lists! Making candles! Coloring in adult coloring books! Making amazing Spotify playlists!
  8. Turn off Netflix.
    I stopped binging. It made me feel sluggish, unhappy and unaccomplished. I do stop for a Friends break every now and then.