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  1. A few nights ago a friend and I were grabbing drinks when two gentlemen approached us to join their group.
  2. Everything started out friendly and the usual round of questioning began. "Where are you from?"
  3. "Iowa!"
  4. "Oh! You look like a corn-fed girl!"
    Um what does this even mean? Strike one. 😳
  5. Then we started talking politics...
    Somehow we came out of this agreeing with each other.
  6. Talking about politics, led to talking about relationship dynamics. They seem to think that there's always a dominant person in a relationship and women are always attracted to a dominant male. We want someone to support us.
    We protested but it was like talking to a brick wall.
  7. Why did we stay and keep talking to them?!
  8. This conversation turned into them analyzing us based on what we were wearing and apparently I'm less confident because I decided to wear a dress and show more skin.
  9. Next time, I'm saying I do not appreciate your judgements and you're wrong. AND WALK AWAY.