Do you?
  1. I took a cocktail making class a few weeks ago and we made espresso martinis.
    It was during the classy part of a hen's night.
  2. I have imbibed many of these delicious cocktails over the years.
    I would recommend a maximum of 2 per night unless you want to be up all night.
  3. The bartender teaching the class told us that the espresso martini is the most popular cocktail in Melbourne.
    This I believe.
  4. Following that he told us it's not really very popular anywhere else in the world as it's uncommon to have a coffee machine in a bar.
    Is this true??
  5. At this particular bar they serve so many espresso martinis that they are no longer able to keep up with the demand for fresh coffee and now use a cold filter.
    In my opinion this probably makes it more delicious as this is my favourite coffee.
  6. What follows is the recipe we used to create our delicious espresso martinis
    45ml spirit (we used vodka) 30ml coffee 15ml kahlua 10ml sugar syrup Shake hard with ice cubes. The harder you shake the more foam you create. Pour into a martini glass. Garnish with dried coffee beans. Enjoy!
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