I'm God's gift to the world, apparently.
  1. "so exciting! very proud of her and appreciate her willingness and bravery" - Paula F.
    I don't know her
  2. "Keeping fingers crossed for Sam. What a brave kid." - Patricia G.
    No clue who this is
  3. "Thanks Sam for pioneering down this path!" Jill F.
    Jill who?
  4. "Praying for successful trials and a great outcome .. thank you Samantha!" - Paula F.
    Paula F. loves me
  5. "This is incredible! I will be thinking and praying for you as you do this trial!" Kelli-Ann M.T.
  6. "Wow Sam you are a pioneer! Very cool" - Ellen H.
    Thanks stranger!
  7. "Sam is my HERO!!!!!!!" - Kim H.L.
    And you're mine Kim H.L.