1. the night I did braids and was etranced by the changing lights
    I ttook a series of maybe 40 selfies in a stupor. to be fair, my hair was looking damn good. I couldn't even fit all the photos in one screenshot
  2. At the Belvedere in Vienna
    I wwas trying to take a cute selfie next to these statues. I was alone in the room until a security guard walked in. I panicked and started walking away. With a grin on his face he said "do not worry miss... I did not see anything." I sprinted away suppressing my giggles/screams
  3. Under Iguazú
    tthis is one of several unsuccessful attempts to take a selfie underneath one of the waterfalls
  4. with a sheep
    not embarrassing, I just wanted to share this. He is an argentine sheep that was raised by dogs
  5. this is not me
    bbut it's still embarrassing. shout out to logan and carol
  6. like always we look like a gay couple
    nnothing wrong with that, but it's getting out of hand. all of our photos look like they're from an engagement card
  7. babadooks