1. Pop, soda, soda pop and for those of you that call all of the above "coke": coke.
  2. Church
  3. College sports
  4. Donald Trump
  5. Fantasy Football
  6. Casinos
  7. iAnything Apple
  8. IPA's
  9. Egg salad
    Including: deviled eggs and potato salad or anything else with mayo that coats your teeth with white gunk and smells like raw sewage.
  10. Snow
    I hate cold weather. The ties that keep me in Michigan are stronger than my disdain for freezing temperatures.
  11. Ammosexuals
    People with a perverse obsession with guns.
  12. Big Bang Theory
  13. Smoking and sometimes smokers
  14. Sun bathing / tanning
  15. Cats
    Not anti-cat in a violent way. Just not into them.
  16. Garlic breath
    Including garlic body odor
  17. Puke
    Not the guy to call when it needs to be cleaned up.
  18. Golf
  19. Checkered / plaid shirts
    Fine on others, not on me.
  20. Boxers
  21. Blue holiday lights
  22. Donuts
  23. Radio
  24. Chewing gum
  25. Fast food
  26. Fox News