Good ice cream should be good enough to not need anything else. But here are some of my super favorites when I want a treat.
  1. waffle cone from Ici
    Best cones I've come across.
  2. Toasted pan de sal
    An actual ice cream sandwich. Filipino pan de sal is much better than cookies because it is less sweet and better absorbs the melty ice cream. I learned this from my grandma
  3. really, really good espresso
    My dream would be an affogato of my ice cream and Bear Pond Espresso's Angel Stain.
  4. St. George NOLA coffee liqueur
    Coffee but better.
  5. Pedro Ximenez sherry
    I feel a little like an old lady when I choose this because this basically tastes like liquid raisins but I like it.
  6. Proper Israeli tahini, Barhi dates (straight from the freezer), and a sprinkling of fleur de sel
    #1, A++. This on vanilla bean ice cream is one of my favorite things on earth.