Important Things About Making Ice Cream

I make too much ice cream. Here are some things I've learned.
  1. Whole milk and heavy cream are superior to any of that 2%, 1%, skim, soy, almond stuff. For people who are trying to diet: well, this stuff is just not good for you, period. Sorry.
  2. Getting a chest freezer is life changing. Quality and quantity upgrades. Best $350 I've ever spent.
  3. Also life changing: another freezer bowl. You can now make ice cream every day. And you have space for it in your chest freezer.
  4. Fruit ice creams keep terribly. Many fruits are 80+% water (which is ice!).
  5. 175F is the perfect custard temperature.
  6. Pro: you will make more friends. Con: it's unclear if they like you or your ice cream.