dear 2017

a list of "i want" instead of a list of "maybe this year i will..."
  1. to breathe in fresh air every day
    this is a fancy way to say "maybe this year i won't spend 24+ consecutive hours inside my apartment"
  2. to be more upfront about how i'm feeling, especially with those i care about
    can't guarantee i'll dive into specifics, because i run every chance i get, but i'd like to stop lying to my friends about what's going on
  3. to write more often and about new topics
    i find myself writing about the bricks that weigh me down but i hope 2017 lets some flowers grow in between the cement, even if it's just a dandelion
  4. to get closer to my niche in the music industry
    not sure what it is or when i'll find it, but i have a feeling it's going to be a long process. i'm okay with that though, because as long as i'm around music, i'm happy.
  5. to learn how to declutter my head and hush my brain; i am tired of being tired and sick of feeling busy
  6. to keep my damn room clean !!!
    honestly !!!!!!
  7. to bring my dog back to NC
    my heart actually hurts because i haven't seen my dog since june
  8. bonus: maybe share my writing because i'm tired of looking at it
    ya know?