1. understanding what it is I am feeling
    and being able to put a name to it
  2. worrying less about my future and actually doing something about it
    step 1: stop telling people I'll probably be homeless as a joke because at this rate, it might happen
  3. reacting to my friends negative emotions
    I.e. when they cry, I want to be a better friend. I want to help them, not feel awkward. I want to be there for them and not have them feel like I don't care.
  4. be okay with being sad
  5. be okay with being happy
  6. owning up to my mistakes and moving on without regret
  7. I want to care about people more often. I am far too selfish. it is not okay.
  8. writing down my thoughts, making sense of myself.
    even if it's on this app and no one will see them.