Things I Would Rather Do Than Deal With My Problems

  1. pluck my eyebrows
    they are desperate
  2. do my laundry
    which is long overdue and requires hours of folding and putting away
  3. create a budget for the next few months and a schedule for paying bills
    this gives me severe anxiety and yet I would rather deal with that than deal with my current stressor
  4. carry my player piano up the stairs and push it into my unorganized bedroom, by myself, only to find that it doesn't fit and have to drag it down the stairs again, by myself.
  5. literally anything else
  6. call my bank on the phone and argue the $36 charge that mysteriously appeared this morning
  7. kill the v large and hairy spider that found a home in my pencil drawer
  8. empty the trash out of my car and detail the inside
    there are a lot of smoothie/coffee stains
  9. relive high school
  10. relive college
  11. relive every awkward moment i have ever experienced
    including the time I allowed a classmate to call me Shelby for three years
  12. absolutely anything else