After a week of observing and trying to keep up.
  1. Am I cool enough.
    This question permeates my life far beyond the bounds of list app, but seems especially important here. Ended this question with "." as opposed to "?" as I'm not necessarily prepared for it to be answered.
  2. Do I have to talk about the anti anxiety meds I take and how they make me feel?
    Getting a real group therapy vibe here which I am TOTALLY ALL ABOUT. But maybe I'll just observe on the specifics of medications if that's ok with everyone? Still not sure I am ok with myself for taking them (but I do very much love them).
  3. Do I have to talk about Oxford commas?
    Cause it just makes me think of Vampire Weekend, as I am not a grammar/ spelling aficionado. In fact I just spelt it "grammer" and "eficionado." Thank you autocorrect. Wait is spelt only a grain is it supposed to be "spelled?" Which brings me to my next question:
  4. Do I right well enough too be on hear?
  5. Do I have to talk about my sex life, cause my husband's client is on here. Hi @timothy 👋🏼👋🏼