AKA navigating adulthood when you grew up depressed, suicidal, or otherwise imagining you'd never see the day anyway. Because my favorite questions are the "didn't you grow up dreaming of your wedding/job/family/so on".
  1. Happiness where tho
    Maybe this sums up everything I'm trying to say here; when you spent your formative years depressed, happiness isn't real. No part of my brain ever even considered looking ahead to brighter days and exciting times.
  2. I missed the memo somewhere along the line.
    It's like one day I was supposed to have real goals and actually consider a college and career, and where everyone else had at least thought about it, I was busy floating along acting like a functioning human being, who happened to be stuck in weird sad fog.
  3. ~The Future™~ isn't real
    My brain is a broken record that has been replaying the words "You are bad and bad things happen" since I was, like, 7. Where was I supposed to fit my perfect wedding dress and dream job in there?
  4. I just now decided to have a future at all, so being an adult is Hard.
    I'm less depressed, I'm managing. It's overwhelming, to be in college and learning to be a normal person at the same time.
  5. Anyway, life is weird and everyone is different. Just keep swimming 🐟