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An unrequested spinoff of @kaitlingleason's best GG storylines list, I just finished rewatching the spectacle and have... Some thoughts.
  1. Anything focusing too much on the minions
    Granted, we spent faaaaar to little time on he "Jenny steals rando minion's Mom's custom gown... AND EVENTUALLY THEY ALL GET OVER IT AND STILL WORSHIP HER" episode, but that was really about Jenny, right?
  2. The ORIGINAL Prince storyline
    Hey GG, remember that weird Prince Blair dated before Louis? Why with that weirdo?
  3. The one with Armie Hammer
    Don't remember why it was ever relevant, all I know is that every time I watch it, I say "is that... Armie Hammer?" And then nothing else because I fall asleep instantly
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  1. Bring It On
    Let's face it: if the entire collection of Bring It On sequels were on Netflix, I would never leave the house, save for a quick Tostitos Hint of Lime run. Not only is the original perfect, but each sequel presents cultural juxtapositions bordering on political. Also, I read deeper into the plots with every viewing.
  2. Knocked Up
    While in general, I'm a sucker for all Apatow comedies, Knocked Up is by far my favorite. Also, E!'s entire daytime weekend lineup is usually this and back-to-back episodes of Sex and the City, so I can back this item up with personal experience.
  3. The Devil Wears Prada
    Say what you will about Anne Hathaway, but this is definitely one of the most relatable, likable movies I grew up watching. As far as movies I could remember all the lines to, this would likely be head and head with Mean Girls. Also, Meryl. I mean, come on.
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