A Guide to Dating Me

Here we go.
  1. Be patient with me.
    Because of my past, I am hesitant when it comes to dating and new relationships.
  2. I want to let you in.
    I'm really trying my hardest to open up, I promise. The last thing I want is to push you away.
  3. I'm very careful and protective of my heart.
    It's been brutally broken before and when I fall, I fall hard. I'm just trying not to let the same thing happen again.
  4. Don't think I'm not happy being with you.
    I am but there are so many other things that I unintentionally dwell on that make me hard to be around, I imagine.
  5. I have a hard time understanding why anyone would want to be with me
    I'm not sure why this is a thing and it drives me insane. So any grand gesture of love makes me question if I'm even worthy of you.
  6. I'm not afraid of commitment, I'm afraid of ruining a good thing you may have going.
    If you have a good job or you like where you live, I wouldn't want to put your happiness in jeopardy. Even if it is to be with me.
  7. If despite all of these things you choose to be with me, know that I will love you like no one has ever loved you.