A rough draft... Also out of order.
  1. The Bad Beginning?
    Stealing from A Series of Unfortunate Events here.
  2. I Should Probably Wash This
    Clothes, sheets, the works.
  3. Hoodies With No Bras
  4. Coloring Outside The Lines (A Perfectionist's Journey)
  5. The "Summer of Hell"
    Is now a blessing in disguise.
    Lesser known Paul Rudd quote from Forgetting Sarah Marshall. About my time abroad that undoubtedly changed me.
  7. Singlehood With My Ride Or Dies
    Raging from dusk til dawn! Finding my independence and strength within.
  8. Little Wanderer
    I'm gonna let Death Cab for Cutie influence me this chapter. Not really knowing where to call home.
  9. Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm
    A song title but also dedicated to the love of my life who deserves an entire book. 😘
  10. Crap Coffee Is Better Than No Coffee
    That being said, don't even try to make fun of my getting Starbucks every now and then. I deserve that white mocha, okay?
  11. Wait, How Old Am I Again?
  12. Good Sandwiches & Mac n' Cheese = Holy Grail
    Need I say more?