And here we go.
  1. Damian
    My first crush. We were in kindergarten. I don't remember what exactly I liked about him but I would sing his name in class... to myself.
  2. Kyle
    2nd grade. We would draw strange pictures involving tanks together and sit next to each other all the time.
  3. Danny & Chris
    3rd grade. I never really considered them crushes but if you can get nerdy with me about Pokémon and Harry Potter, chances are we'll get along.
  4. Justice?
    I think that was his name. 4th grade. We didn't have class together but we were in the peach pod together. I'd see him walk by in line and I thought he was so cute. Also, he had an earring.
  5. Nate
    5th-7th grade. Oh my god, I was practically obsessed with this boy. I feel so bad for him thinking about how creepy I must've been. It was art class in 5th grade that started it all. We sat beside each other and he constantly made me laugh. I almost died when we were cast as love interests in the dumb play we did for class. I had my friend ask him out for me in 6th grade because I couldn't even talk to him. When 7th grade rolled around, we were friends again but didn't last through high school.
  6. Josh
    7th-8th grade. Cute guy from church. My sister and I both crushed on him hard. I honestly didn't expect we'd date. Who would've thought a Christian concert would've brought us together? It was only a couple months at most but I convinced myself I really liked this dude. I thought I knew what heartbreak felt like but I was severely mistaken.
  7. Caleb
    7th-9th grade. Everyone fucking liked this guy. He could sing. He could act. Even dance. Oh and he was gorgeous.
  8. Josiah
    7th-8th grade. Boy crazy in junior high. Gotta watch out for those upperclassman. Met through musical. Another one of those crushes where I didn't really speak to them. He caught me as I pretend fainted in the first show we did together and that's all it took.
  9. Andrew
    9th grade. Goofed off during musical and before I knew it, turned into a serious relationship. It was good while it lasted.