They aren't just for toddlers!
  1. Relaxing music
  2. Screens turned off an hour beforehand
  3. Shower or bath
  4. Dim the lights ... Beeswax candles are so pretty
  5. Journal
  6. Crossword puzzles or word searches can be relaxing. I know adults who enjoy the children's book series I SPY! Other relaxing reading can be very calming for the brain. Adults like bedtime stories too!
  7. Think about things that you feel grateful for.
  8. Is there anyone you need to forgive (maybe yourself?)
  9. What are you worried about right now? Would it be okay to make an agreement with yourself to let it go for the night and pick it back up in the morning?
  10. Yoga or another very gentle form of stretching can be relaxing. Don't push or you could start energizing yourself! I love yin yoga poses like butterfly, supported bridge and legs up the wall. Try them for five minutes each and see how you sleep afterwards.