1. Sprouting microgreens
  2. Growing tarragon
  3. Forcing hyacinth bulbs
  4. Buying an amaryllis
  5. Making crepes to wrap leftovers in ... Voilà, instant supper!
  6. Cook more with shallots, leeks, celery root, green lentils, turnips, fish, tagliatell, vermouth, salami, tart cherries, puff pastry, cassis, eggs
  7. Basic French Girl — skinny trousers, boots or ballet flats, striped t or cashmere v neck
  8. Tell Instagram I want my basicfrenchgirl name back!!
  9. Make some five minute art
  10. Hang out with my niece
  11. Buying a wreath for next year
  12. Replacing the bowl I broke last night