1. I woke up
  2. I got out of bed and then immediately back in
  3. I literally cried because I didn't want to get up and do things
    I don't actually have any responsibilities until later this afternoon so I didn't HAVE TO get up
  4. Gave myself a pep talk about seizing the day, YOLO, the early bird gets the worm etc
    Promptly gave myself a counter argument about how sleep is so good for your skin, brain, eyeballs etc.
  5. Wondered if Spanish people were right about ice water making you sick
  6. Tried to go back to sleep because I was obviously sick from the ice water I drank last night
  7. Couldn't sleep because my air conditioner was also going to make me sick so got up to turn it off
  8. Decided to make coffee since I'm now standing
  9. Made coffee
  10. Wondered if I should also make eggs
    Made eggs
  11. Poured some water
  12. But then I'm going back to sleep
  13. Saw some strawberries in the fridge were gonna go bad
    Made a fruit salad
  14. Admired my breakfast feast while steepling my fingers and giggling
  15. Asked myself how much I think I could get done if I just woke up early
  16. Read an essay from Men Explain Things to Me
    Decided I could definitely write a book if I could just wake up early, I mean look at this breakfast I just made I am a star
  17. Spiraled into a full blown existential crisis about all the things I haven't done in my life
    And like am I lazy, or am I just being true to myself and Jesus I'm only 25 I'll be ok right?! I just need some time to figure out what makes me shine and anyways I have a lot of people who love me and are inspiring and they are also confused about life but what if they think I am lazy and just aren't telling me? I bet Rebecca Solnit doesn't sleep till noon!
  18. Got very tired from said crisis
  19. Had to take a small 1-3 hour nap