But it better be a pretty fancy bar with a lot of garnish or you're done for
  1. Booze
    This will go first. First you will toast to the end of the world in a fun top 20 pop song kind of way. Then you will drink the heavy stuff cause you are all a little nervous about dying. Before you know it everyone will be drinking bitters straight just to forget about the impending doom all of human kind faces.
  2. Olives
    Ration these carefully because if you run out too soon you and all your companions will have to resort to cannibalism much earlier than planned
  3. Grapefruit
    High in vitamin c, this delicious citrus will give you strength to survive when the sun goes out and all living things slowly began to rot
  4. Cucumber
    Not much for you in the way of sustenance, but you could make cucumber water and put little slices over your eyes to give yourself a break from the endless grief of knowing all your friends and family are probably dead
  5. Ginger
    Ginger is a natural way to relieve the inevitable stomach pain that will come with starvation once all of the food goes bad because the power went out
  6. Oranges
    Pretend that you are at halftime at your soccer game in 2nd grade and not watching the entire world and existence you've known your whole life fall apart in a fiery and bloody destruction right before your eyes!
  7. Mint
    Eat this to keep your breath fresh when you select, from a DISMAL array of men, someone to help you begin to repopulate the earth. Bet you wish you hadn't wasted so many light hearted shots to the end of times now huh?
  8. Fellow patrons
    Now the real apocalypse fun begins...