A rant.
  1. Stop staring at me
    OK, as women we all get it, we left our homes and despite what we wore/how we did our hair/what attitude we had, public space is not ours and you are allowed to dominate it and make us feel uncomfortable
  2. You just charged your way onto the train before me
    Just rude. I was waiting there first and I'm not even going to use this as an example of your obvious need to assert your male dominance because this would be a rude action even if you were a woman.
  3. You're staring again
    I know that you know that I know that you are. It doesn't make me feel pretty. Do you ever talk to ANY women about what makes them feel pretty? Do you even care that at your most HARMLESS you are making me incredibly uncomfortable, and at your most HARMFUL you make me fear for my life?
  4. Oh you just moved across the train to sit next to me? When PLENTY of empty seats existed? Including the one that you occupied? Including the whole row you occupied?
    Come onnnnnnn. Why? It's so late and I AM scared even though I want to just be angry and shouldn't it be my right as a human being that these things don't have to be mutually exclusive?!
  5. I feel so so sad for you.
    For your own littleness and insecurity and lack of compassion and love. And I feel angry for the fact that despite all of these things, you have power over me that I can not control.
  6. So I asked who the fuck you think you are but I want you to know who I am:
    I am the daughter of two really wonderful, loving, parents. I am the sister of the funniest man in the world. I am a friend of countless amazing souls. I love to read, and to help others, and to learn about things I don't know, and to explore cultures I don't understand, and to try and touch each and every part of this messy human existence. I love with my whole heart and try to hate as little as I can. Am I a person to you yet?