But maybe it's just me. But whatever, this is for me anyways.
  1. Needing time to be yourself, alone, seriously without anyone else around
    The feeling of always being "on" for your work, your family, your friends is exhausting and sometimes you need to recharge. By yourself and it's okay, you don't need to always be around people.
  2. Not needing to be friends with everyone, but that doesn't mean we don't like other people
    Just don't feel it's necessary to engage with everyone you meet. I mean you're friendly and all, but not everyone has to be your best friend. We're really okay with just a few close people that we trust completely and that's good. Really, you can be happy with just a few close friends.
  3. Quiet and shy are two different things
    Just because you're quiet and maybe a deep thinker, doesn't mean you're shy. Shy is a different level of quiet with undertones of social anxiety and maybe some self doubt. You just don't feel the need to talk all the time. Sometimes you really don't have anything to share.
  4. Crowds can be overwhelming
    It's just too much noise and it's draining. And you just don't see the point and avoid it as much as possible, because it takes all your energy. See first item on this list.
  5. People assuming you are standoffish or cold or something along that line
    Ugh, this is not always the case. Some people are just not naturally effervescent or outgoing or whatever you want to call. You are more cautious about making friends or acquaintances. Because being around others is draining and you want to make sure that person is worth your effort.
  6. Small talk is hard
    You think a lot, really a lot,and small talk is just difficult because it doesn't mean a whole lot. And making up something to talk about that doesn't really interest you and that you aren't prepared for just gives you anxiety.
  7. None of these things stop you from being happy or complete
    It's all about balance in life and finding what makes you happy and whole. Being introverted doesn't prevent you from achieving that.