1. The Adventures of _______
    Robin Hood, Baron Munchausen, Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain, Prince Achmed, Buckaroo Banzai, Ford Fairlane, Pluto Nash, Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother, Milo and Otis, Rocky and Bullwinkle, Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, et al.
  2. Diary of a _______
    Lost Girl, Country Priest, Chambermaid, Bachelor, Nudist, Hooker, Hitman, Madman, Mad Black Woman, Mad Housewife, Teenage Girl, Wimpy Kid, and Nymphomaniac.
  3. The Man Who _______
    Cried, Fell to Earth, Wasn't There, Knew Too Much, Knew Too Little, Knew Infinity, Loved Women, Had Power Over Women, Skied Down Everest, Would Be King, Could Work Miracles, Came to Dinner, Left His Will on Film, Haunted Himself, and Finally Died.
  4. The Man from _______
    Deep River, Snowy River, Planet X, Elysian Fields, the Alamo, Colorado, Utah, Texas, Arizona, Chicago, Button Willow, Laramie, Galveston, Acapulco, Cairo, Down Under, U.N.C.L.E, S.E.X., and O.R.G.Y.
  5. Night of the _______
    Hunter, Comet, Creeps, Grizzly, Iguana, Eagle, Lepus, Demon, Demons, Juggler, Living Dead, Shooting Stars, Cobra Woman, Blood Monster, Bloody Apes, Bloody Transplant, the Following Day, and others.
  6. Day of the _______
    Dead, Jackal, Locusts, Dolphin, Falcon, Panther, Triffids, Animals, Outlaw, Assassin, Nightmare, Evil Gun, Woman.
  7. _______ of New York
    King, Docks, Gangs, Slaves, Sidewalks, Belle, The Toast, and The Colossus.
  8. Tales from the _______
    Crypt, Grave, Hood, Darkside, Gimli Hospital, Crapper.
  9. Once Upon a _______
    Time, Crime, Forest, Horse, Honeymoon, Time in the West, Time in America, Time in China, Time in Mexico, Time in Mumbai, Time in Brooklyn, Time in Queens, Time in the Midlands, Time...When We Were Colored.
  10. Return of the _______
    Jedi, Vampire, Fly, Dragon, Muskateers, Seven, Secaucus Seven, Living Dead, Street Fighter, Killer Tomatoes!
  11. _______ of the Dead
    Dawn, Day, Diary, Land, Isle, City, House, Tombs, Spirits, Revenge, Beast, Shaun.
  12. Curse of the _______
    Demon, Fly, Dragon, Werewolf, Swamp Creature, Living Dead, Cat People, Starving Class, Mummy's Tomb, Jade Scorpion, Pink Panther, Crimson Altar, Blue Lights, Golden Flower.
  13. Friday the 13th Part _______
    2, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII.