1. Whiskey buttermilk pie (Brite Spot)
  2. Tres leches muffin (Tierra Mia Coffee)
  3. Earl Grey pie (The Pie Hole)
  4. Oatmeal cream pies (Swingers)
  5. Gooey butter cake (The Carving Board)
  6. Garlic ice cream (The Stinking Rose)
  7. Honey brick toast (Chibiscus)
  8. Hardcore Soy Shake (with almond milk substitute) (Swingers)
  9. Bread pudding (Masa of Echo Park)
  10. Tres leches (Chego)
  11. Brown bread ice cream (Scoops)
  12. Apple, blueberry, or mixed berry Punk Tart (Fred 62)
  13. Icebox cake (Lark Cake Shop)
  14. Tiramisu (Miceli's)
  15. Madagascar vanilla malt (Pazzo Gelato)
  16. Vanilla bean milkshake (Coffee and Milk, LACMA)
  17. Peanut butter frozen yogurt + chocolate crunch topping (Pinkberry)
  18. Chocolate chip cookie (Coffee Commissary)