iPhone Apps I'm Embarrassed to Be Seen Using in Public

These are the apps that make me dim the display and hold the phone low and close to my person.
  1. Shazaam
    A tacit admission that I'm out of touch.
  2. Soundhound
    See above.
  3. Groupon
    Tacit admission I'm cheap or poor.
  4. OKCupid
    A tacit admission that I'm single, horny, and/or lonely.
  5. Coffee Meets Bagel
    See above.
  6. Bumble
  7. Clover
  8. Tinder
  9. Hinge
  10. Happn
  11. MyFitnessPal
    Tacit admission that I count every calorie.
  12. IMDb (sometimes)
    As with Soundhound and Shazaam, using it is a tacit admission that there's something I don't know.
  13. Facebook (sometimes)
    Tacit admission I'm a millennial.