A few words about pumpkins

and maybe some pictures
  1. Halloween is one of my FAVORITE celebratory days of the year.
    Plus, it gives me an excuse to watch Hocus Pocus on repeat.
  2. I love the decorations, the spooky stories, and the playful mood it puts everyone in around this season.
  3. But while I do LOVE pumpkins and having them on my porch, I despise CARVING pumpkins.
    Pumpkin guts, ick.
  4. But this year, I thwarted the pumpkin goo. This year I decorated my pumpkins AND kept my hands clean!
  5. The sugar skull pumpkin
    Thank you Target!
  6. And the Boo pumpkin
    Target strikes again.
  7. Is it cheating? Probably. Is it lazy? Definitely. Do I care? Not even a little. While my friends were carving out gorgeous Masterpieces and giving themselves blisters, I was snapchatting and goofing off.
  8. So, anyway, I have pumpkins (painted), candy, and costumes. Turn on Hocus Pocus and bring on the trick or treaters!