Brutal Honesty from 6th Grade

I often times am given life lessons from my students. Out of the mouth of babes, am I right?
  1. They'll tell you if you look great! Or tired. Or awful.
    "Mrs. Loveland, you look MISERABLE."
  2. After planning a beautiful, poignant lesson that is meant to engage, illicit amazing responses and touch their very soul, they'll say something like, "Is this a lame team-building activity? Ugh, gross"
  3. When you try to stimulate conversation by asking them questions like "Which person would you like to talk to, dead or alive?" They answer with: "Harambe"
    "Because animals are people too, Mrs. Loveland"
  4. Hygiene is very important: "I was on my way to wash my hands, but it tasted so good I washed them with my tongue."
  5. They make me laugh though: "In 25 years, if I'm not in a Mexican prison, I want to be a hobo riding trains."
  6. Plus, the cheer I recieve coming back from a day off makes me realize I really do have the best job in the world.