T.V. Shows I currently can't pry my eyes away from

Even though I'm in grad school and have a full time job. I seriously have no time for this.
  1. The Walking Dead
    Rick's my favorite, no no, Michonne, no, wait, Daryl, argh! I love them ALL!
  2. Game of Thrones
    If you haven't seen it...just, please. PLEASE, binge watch all six seasons immediately. WINTER IS COMING.
  3. The X Files
    But, Shelley! This went off the air years ago! Yes it did! And I STILL LOVE IT! It was also revived last year for 6 brilliant episodes and there's rumors of another season. My love will never die.
  4. Doctor Who
    Ten is the best and that is all.
  5. Mozart in the Jungle
    Sweet, sweet Gael. Plus an AMAZING cast, plotline, and appreciation for music geeks such as myself.
  6. The IT Crowd
    British comedy at its finest. With a cast like Chris O'Dowd and Richard Ayoade you can't go wrong. "Have you tried turning it off and on again?"
  7. Ink Master
    It's ridiculous, petty and mindless. I can't stop watching.
  8. Westworld
    AMAZING. Robots. The wild west. Anthony Hopkins. I'm in.
  9. There's WAY more but I've got to chill...or find a job that will pay me to watch good TV.