In no particular order or category
  1. That truth will prevail.
    I believe in honesty and hope. I hope I'm not just an idealist.
  2. That I'm impacting my students in a positive way.
    I genuinely love my job. I genuinely love my students. I hope and pray that I'm equipping them with tools to succeed and helping them to become better people and citizens of the world. Not having children means that these are my children. I love them.
  3. That I will eventually get through the grief of losing my father.
    Even though I tried to prepare myself for it while he was suffering through Alzheimer's disease, it's extremely difficult. We had an amazing relationship and I realize how lucky I am to be able to say that.
  4. That I will get through my master's program.
    Sometimes I feel like I'm doing a great job and other times I am cursing myself for going through with my cockamamie ideas. 😓
  5. That I will eventually get over my irrational anxieties.
    They consume me.
  6. That I will someday get a motorcycle.
    And then look/be badass on it.
  7. That I will write a book.
    And then have it published.
  8. That I will someday be on Jeopardy.
  9. That women will be someday ACTUALLY treated the same as men.
    There are so many men who want this as well, I know.
  10. That I will grow old and have full working cognition.
  11. Just my own little wishlist at the moment.