Things I learned while doing an Escape Room

AND while competing against our [competitive] friends/co-workers. All of us being teachers or in education, we would hate to think we're not smart enough to solve the puzzles in the room...we do teach the future of America. 😂😃😁😐😔😳
  1. They don't actually lock the door.
    Apparently it's against a bazillion laws to actually lock people in a room, be it consenual or not. Thank God.
  2. An hour goes extremely fast when you're trying to prove you're not an idiot.
    Is the password password? No that's too obvious...or is it?
  3. Getting adults to shut up and listen for something is ALWAYS more difficult than getting 12 year olds to shut up and listen for something.
    "I think I heard something over there!", "No, I literally just took a breath."
  4. If you have the code right, you WILL spend ten precious minutes typing it in and watching it work incorrectly before asking for help.
    "We should have asked for help ten minutes ago, dude.", "Yeah, we're pretty dumb."
  5. When you finally complete the puzzle you will focus on the fact that at least you're good people.
    And maybe you're just the "GT" crowd because you over thought it. Yeah, that's it. That's definitely it.
  6. And even though the opposing team may have beaten us by a small margin...
    24 minutes, give or take.
  7. We still had a blast
  8. Plus, the door wasn't even locked.
    Thank the Lord