Why I love going to Fan Days

or "Mini Texas Comic Con" as I call it
  1. It is my excuse to let go and 'fangirl' to my heart's content
    My love of Stars Wars may be considered...unhealthy.
  2. I get to geek out with my bestie
    Why geek out alone?
    Like Matt Lewis...aka Neville Longbottom. YUM.
    It's basically nerd paradise. Anything from your Fandom you could possibly imagine is up in here. From ANY. FANDOM.
  5. Like, whatever your needs may be...
    No. My needs were not sassy granny panties.
  6. The people watching.
    Anyone can be anyone here. It's great and I love that people feel free to be themselves. Sometimes though, I feel that people need to be reminded that there are CHILDREN around. Really, let's keep it PG.
  7. Oh, the people...
    Look! David Bowie from the Labyrinth creeping up on us! That's cool!
  8. Did I mention the celebs?
    I did meet people other than Harry Potter folks...really. I just got their autographs.
  9. The AMAZING art!
    These people seriously are talented.
  10. So, definitely hit up your neighborhood Comic Con if it rolls around. From Game of Thrones to Star Wars to Walking Dead to Frozen, I guarantee there will be something you like.
    Also...Harry Potter