They say you've gotta, so here are mine.
  1. The Target Bathroom Policy
    Seriously, this one bugs me. I have a lot of conservative family members, so this one has gotten some leg work. "Actually there are zero documented cases of an individual masquerading as a transperson and then assaulting women/children in a public restroom."
  2. Anything about Caitlyn Jenner being a guy.
    I don't argue, I just report it as spam. Unfortunately, facebook seldom agrees with me. 😕
  3. People shit talking girls taking selfies
    I've gotten myself unfriended over this one, specifically over the Arizona Diamondbacks game incident (never mind the fact that the park announcers had just asked fans to take selfies and post them with the event hashtags... Ugh)
  4. Girls being mean to each other, or news sources reported on celeb "cat fights"
    We females have it hard enough in this society, we gotta help each other through it.
  5. Anti-Greek Community posts
    I was/am an ADPi. I get that Greek life isn't for everyone, but that doesn't give anyone the right to judge it.
  6. Anything about Millennials being addicted to technology.
    Can we just... Not? Technology is awesome and any generation would have reacted with the same fervor that mine has.