1. Embedded
    Subscribed because of the episode on Austin, Indiana and the HIV outbreak there. Never unsubscribed. It's a good, well produced podcast but not really an interest area of mine.
  2. Mental Illness Happy Hour
    I love this podcast - it features individuals living with different mental disorders and their experiences. BUT it's low on the list because the episodes are over two hours long and I spend enough time thinking about mental health. I only subscribe to remind myself to look at the newest episode - I delete most of them and only listen to the ones I'm really interested in.
  3. Not Safe Podcast with Nikki Glaser
    She is a boss, but the podcast lacks structure. I always listen, but usually when I'm doing something else, like cleaning or cooking. Not for driving.
  4. Savage Lovecast
    Probably my favorite podcast but I always save it for working out cuz it's so entertaining and inspires me to explore my thought processes on different topics about sex, sexuality, gender, and relationships. Good for distracting me from less enjoyable tasks like exercise or driving.
  5. Ask Me Another
    Very entertaining, cuz I love games and trivia and I'm full of useless knowledge and fun facts. This one usually gets listened to quickly cuz it's good for jump starting my day and putting me in a good mood so I listen while I'm getting ready.
  6. Mac Power Users
    I'm a tech nerd, so this one gets listened to pretty quickly. It's full of information so it's good to listen to while doing mundane tasks like driving or getting ready, which is why it gets listened to quickly.
  7. Stuff Mom Never Told You
    I just discovered this podcast, so I'm currently bingeing on it. It combines feminism and current pop culture, which is a strange but entertaining combination. Very well researched and full of facts and figures. Favorite episode so far: Ghosting.