1. Dandelions
  2. Riding in the car with the windows down
    Preferably when it's warm and with part or all of my body out the window and jamming to upbeat music
  3. Kites
  4. Rain
    Watching rain, running in the rain, driving in rain, playing in rain, etc.
  5. Being barefoot
  6. Hopping in fountains
  7. Stepping on leaves in the fall
  8. The way grass smells
  9. Jumping in puddles
    Also driving through puddles or sliding through them
  10. The squishy yo-yo ball things I haven't seen in years but I used to play with as a kid
  11. Stars
  12. Baskets on bikes
  13. Chinese fire drills
  14. That cat video about procrastination
  15. Letters
  16. Grapefruit juice
  17. Only stepping on the white lines when using a crosswalk
  18. People watching
  19. That my room smells like rain
  20. Seeing Sabrey at anmed
    Even though I see her like every day
  21. Roundabouts
  22. When you go to check email or print something off of the computers in bunton or the library and the person who last logged in is one of your friends
  23. When there are leaves on the front windshield of your car and you accelerate and they all blow off past you
  24. When I can successfully make a joke or express an abstract concept in Spanish
  25. Trampolines
  26. Reading for pleasure
  27. A really nice dark ink, no smudge pen
  28. Sunsets and sunrises