Paraguay in pictures 2

I think I ran out of storage on the other list
  1. The sacred pomelo
    Grapefruit juice is as common as apple and orange juice here as well as grapefruit soda
  2. "See the line where the sky meets the sea - it calls me..." @rachael whaling even though you don't have list
  3. Alcides and Jackson
  4. Brazilian steak house - soooo good
  5. That's like caramelized cinnamon sugar on a pineapple
    Possibly the best thing I've ever eaten
  6. Hehehe
  7. That's the normal home in this area
  8. Hikinggg
  9. Williams
    He's so good at soccer it's unbelievable
  10. Leonard got a bath today and feels like a king
  11. There used to be a roof but we took it down and now we're building walls
  12. This is Alcides and he's awesome
    He's also unbelievably good at soccer
  13. This is more fitting to his personality
  14. Just getting worked by professional paragauyans on the reg
  15. Melanie and alej...they aren't dating believe it or not
  16. Matilde, alej y milca
  17. Milca is awesome - I'm going to miss her a ton
  18. Y con Sara y Williams tambien
  19. Playa playa
  20. Melanie and milca - such goofballs
  21. Gabriel
  22. Milca again lol
    She reminds me of myself when I was her age (11)
  23. Los locos
  24. Signs with language barriers
  25. Our weekly Sunday ritual
  26. Ivaaaaan
    Ivan's been my bff since day one here and I'm gonna miss him lots
  27. Gabiiiiii
    Wish I had more time with this guy
  28. Williams
  29. Alcides
    I'm gonna miss this kid so much - from spontaneous shaving cream fights and soccer and piki and wrestling and deep talks I have learned that I have way to much in common with a 14 yr old boy
  30. I'm chilling on everyone's lap since we squished 8 people into a car that should not hold 8 people - stereotypes are real man
  31. This was the little house a family was supposed to be living in but the roof wasn't there and the sewage was broken and one of the walls had a giant hole in it (as in it basically was only 3-sided) so thy lived in the not completed church. This is the picture of the house after we fixed the roof and the plumbing and the wall
    Btw the day we fixed the plumbing we literally busted the pipes to replace them and poop just spewed everywhere. I don't think I've ever smelled anything so awful in my life
  32. Mariachi band to celebrate opening of the church
  33. Classic alcides
  34. Alcides and Emma
    Emma ran XC and we were friends
  35. Just a glimpse of how crazy the (lack of) traffic patterns are
  36. I just really like the clouds in this picture
  37. The Paraguayan "navy"
    Since they're landlocked they don't really have one
  38. El mercado
  39. These are literally hand made and so finely woven. They can only make one every month and they cost about $100
  40. Peep in the first list a picture of just a slab of concrete on the ground. This is the "after" pic
    Finished product from church in San Javier that was destroyed by the tornado
  41. The indigenous people will periodically camp in the plaza for weeks to protest various things to the government
  42. People actually sleep and eat inside of a lot of people
  43. This is right by the equivalent of our national mall. The government bought the people here houses out in the countryside but they don't want to leave because that means they'd have to work to maintain their lifestyle of drugs and alcohol. So they stay right here by the capital where it's easy to rob someone every day for enough money for a hit.
  44. The police with their horsies...and a tank jaja
  45. A casual protest
  46. If I had to pick one picture to show what is typical Paraguay it might be this one
  47. This is piki - I loved coming to watch even though I'm literally always the only girl. These people are SO talented and the environment is intense because there's a lot of money on the line
  48. Just chilling on the scaffolding waiting for some more mortar
  49. Such a hard little worker
  50. LEONARD <3
  51. These next pictures are from awhile back but I just got enough wifi to recieve them
    The white people were here for the first 6 weeks and we became pretty good friends
  52. At iguaçau falls - we took this thing underneath the waterfalls and it was aweeeeeesooooome
  53. The group with william
  54. The group with Ivan
  55. Pirates of the Caribbean in the nicest theatre in the nicest mall I've ever been to in my life. No joke. It sticks out like a sore thumb in a third world country. My host family said they have no idea where the Money comes from but it's probably laundered.
    The seats like move to simulate what's happening in the moving so when you're on a ship it rocks like you're actually on a boat. So crazy
  56. Ivan took us hiking/rock climbing in the middle of nowhere Paraguay 🇵🇾- so fun
  57. Un poco de locura
  58. When my host family went to the states for a week I tried to teach kids in was challenging to say the least jaja
  59. Bilingual signs
  60. These were the idiots I spent most of my time with (missing Alcides and Jackson when he was here)
  61. How do I feel about leaving?
    Maybe by the time I get back I'll have stopped crying. Hasta la próxima vez, Paraguay 🇵🇾