1. Static
  2. Static
  3. Static
  4. Static
    This dog followed me everywhere for an hour or so
  5. Static
  6. Her name is Luna and she's wonderful
  7. This is Aaron - he's 8 and a baller at fútbol. He's also super excited about pencils
    I never thought about how long it takes for operation Christmas child to get to places but apparently awhile. I also never thought I'd get to see this part of the process and it was truly heartwarming. These boxes really do magic in kids hearts
  8. Static
  9. Static
  10. Static
    This was delicious - and about $2
  11. Legitimately the best hot chocolate I've ever had
    It was about 80 cents
  12. Really pretty church
  13. Static
  14. Static
  15. My little friend
    The dogs here don't ever get pet so they follow me around everywhere when I pet them - I love it
  16. Static
  17. Museum from Jesuit ruins
    That's carved wood
  18. Static
  19. Static
    The insanity that insued was crazy
  20. This is where the tornado came through
  21. Static
  22. Static
    "Smile life is beautiful"
  23. Static
  24. I got to feed a monkey
    Look close and he has a baby. Also side note they dropped a banana peel on my face
  25. Because who can say they've taken a selfie feeding a wild monkey
  26. Static
    So freaking good - filet mignon for $8
  27. Jesuit ruins
  28. Static
  29. Grandpas gunning it at 2 mph
  30. Static
  31. Static
  32. Static
  33. This is right before we got kicked out for climbing up
  34. Static
  35. Selfie with a chicken
  36. Different place
  37. Beautiful
  38. Static
  39. Static
    These were classrooms
  40. Static
    Standing up on the back of a truck on the highway
  41. Static
    In between mixing concrete
  42. Static
    "I will learn stories to tell you, I will invent new words to tell you, in every way, that I love you more than anybody else"
  44. Static
    A normal sighting
  45. Static
    This is what the people have been living in while they try to rebuild their homes
  46. Static
    Hammock/blanket making
  47. Static
  48. It was like a street of blanket/hammock making people
    Side note: I think i saw the best sunset I've seen in my life (this isn't it) but It would have been impossible to take a picture of it
  49. Welcome to Brazil
  50. Static
    I have never stayed in a nicer place
  51. Static
    It's only like $50 a night
  52. Static
    First starfish fruit
  53. Static
    Like whaaaaaat
  54. Static
    The sun was blinding but this is claudia and she's awesome
  55. Static
  56. They're called Iguaçau falls and they stretch for miles
    It's considered a wonder of the world
  57. Static
  58. Static
  59. Butterflies were eeeevvverryywhere I felt like I was in a garden
  60. Static
  61. Sorry I have an obnoxious amount of pictures of this
  62. Static
  63. Static
  64. Static
  65. Static
    Literally paradise
  66. Static
  67. Static
    Side note we took a boat and went underneath one and it was awesome
  68. Static
  69. Static
    The things in the background are called quatiz
  70. Static
  71. Static
  72. Static
    The equivalent of the white house
  73. Static
  74. Static
  75. Static
  76. Static
  77. The emergency room at the Public hospital
  78. Festival de st. Juan
  79. Static
  80. Bienvenidos al ciclovia
  81. El colectivo- aka the bus system. It's real close and personal but dirt cheap. The drivers are normal people who bought a bus and got a license kinda like uber but not personalized
    People have jobs where they hop on and off busses selling fruit, drinks, chipa, socks or playing music for tips. This guy jammed out for us for like 10 minutes
  82. El escondido "the hide-out"
    Campsite or fun place to go for the day
  83. Static
    The water was so freaking cold but a good time
  84. Static
    Ivan repelling - pretty low key but hey it was included so why not
  85. Static
  86. Third world zip-lining
  87. Static
  88. Static
    I'm laughing because Ivan was trying to scare me and telling me how there are no helmets in Paraguay...not for bikes or motorcycles or anything...so the fact that there's helmets here is not a good sign
  89. "En mi locura encontré mi libertad"
    In my insanity I found my freedom
  90. Because you can take selfies on a zip line in Paraguay
  91. Static
  92. Static
  93. Static
    Just chilling waiting for some jacked dude to army crawl out to get me
  94. Static
  95. Static
    At least the view was nice
  96. Static
  97. Static
    I really think I could have stayed here forever - the view, tereré, and some good company - what more do you need
  98. Static
    Phot creds to Diego
  99. Static