1. How many times I've lost my phone
    (And wallet and keys)
  2. How many times I've lost all three of those things at the same time
  3. How many calories I consumed
  4. Ratio of people I've influenced in a positive way to those I've influenced in a negative way
  5. Number of people I've met and forgot their names
  6. Total time spent day dreaming/zoning out in hours
  7. Number of times I've corrected people on "good" versus "well"
  8. Total time spent playing sports in days
  9. Total number of juggles
  10. Ratio of times I've made my parents cry to times I've made them laugh
  11. Top 5 people in my life who have made me genuinely laugh the most, ranked by minutes
  12. Number of times I've slept through my alarm
  13. Miles I've run
  14. The number of people I've been genuinely sad to say goodbye to