I'm using this list to keep people updated on my life
  1. Flying alone to a foreign country is simultaneously terrifying and inexplicably exhilarating
  2. Practice doesn't make perfect when it comes to goodbyes
  3. Apparently untied shoes is culturally unacceptable no matter the country
    I cannot count the number of times someone stopped me to tell me that my shoes were untied
  4. El Chaco is an area in Paraguay and part of Bolivia and Argentina that is the most underprivileged in all the Americas when it comes to healthcare
    supposedly this is a small one
  6. There are no lines in the streets or apparent traffic patterns - it's a free for all and everyone is quite aggressive in their driving
    I think I'd fit in well
  7. One dollar=5,000 guaraníes. Aka I'm a millionaire
    Also their money kinda looks like Monopoly money
  8. They roast bread on a stick over a bonfire and call it chipa and it's great
  9. Everyone loves beanboozled
  10. There's a lot to be said for taking your time and not needing to be here or there and here and there at this time and that time. Paraguay time and life is relaxed and they just enjoy the moment and don't worry about being on time or leaving at a certain time to be somewhere else. It's so different from American culture but the people seem happier
    Sorry that was long
  11. "Huevito" is what they say for nutmeg in Paraguay. Also túnel
  12. I will never fully appreciate how much I take for granted
  13. Just because you can't completely solve the worlds problems doesn't mean you shouldn't solve what you can or be discouraged that the difference seems imperceptible to almost everyone. It will be beautifully obvious to the someone you helped
    Thanks @yctheflea
  14. Chipa can be stuffed with cheese and it's even better
    And it's not like bread and then cheese in the middle it's like the whole thing is bread and cheese together
  15. People in poverty usually don't think of themselves as poor
  16. Lots about how to build buildings
  17. I suck at directions (this I knew already) but in emergencies I can always find my way back. (Experienced first hand running through the streets of Paraguay at night by myself after some random lady dropped me off at a hospital)
  18. Goodbyes still suck
    Especially when you know you won't see someone ever again
  19. Living for God does not mean living less
    Thank you mary Peyton for the book love does - also everyone should read it
  20. A city in Paraguay called ciudad del este had one of the biggest populations of Al Qaeda in the world
    It's mainly just money laundering not terrorism no need to panick
  21. Some guaranie
    It's really hard...it's the indigenous language and it's very nasally but I can count to 10 and say important phrases like "I'm hungry" - "chevaria"
  22. When Paraguayans go out they go out from 12-6 AM to la discoteca which is the most fun place evereerrrrrr
  23. They have cornbread-esque type stuff but they call it "sopa Paraguayan" or Paraguayan soup
    Apparently there's some urban legend that a lady was making soup for diplomats and burned it so much that it turned into bread. Kinda ridiculous but the stuff is yummy
  24. The best things in life tend to be things you were nervous about at first
  25. I could never have a job at a desk with a computer
    Also I kind of really like construction in a weird way
  26. There will always be things in life that you "need" to do now to prepare for your future and there will always be people demanding you to start thinking further and further ahead and working earlier and earlier to accomplish these things. Don't blow them off, but don't get so caught up in preparing for the future that you miss the here and now.
    Otherwise you'll spend your whole life waiting to really live.
  27. Life is too short to not forgive
  28. It's good to be close enough to people that it hurts to say goodbye
  29. Goodbyes are still the worst