1. Profile picture
    Artsy or nah? Just you? With friends? Your dog? Family? Are you trying to look pretty? Are you doing something cool?
  2. Clothes
    Tells you their approximate socioeconomic status, how they wish to be perceived, sometimes personality or background (im including jewelry)
  3. Car
    What you drive, the color, the condition, the stickers or lack thereof, what's in it
  4. Phone
    Notifications on loud? Number of alarms, decorative or practical case, latest phone or old version, iPhone or android, cracked or nah, background picture. are your contacts first and last name, just first name, or filled with emojis and nicknames? What apps do you have and how many
  5. Backpack
    Trendy? Name brand? Large? Small? Is it full? Do you carry gum? A water bottle? Headphones?